Every person approaches a book with a different perspective.  We all have our own life experiences that have shaped our thinking, beliefs, and values, and those life experiences can greatly affect how we analyze a piece of literature.  In addition, many people have begun seeking more diverse books, making voices that have been squelched in the publishing industry in the past to the forefront of our bookshelves.

As a way to help you evaluate whether a book is right for you or your child, I have developed what I call a “social media guide.”  This gives my readers a sense of the content of the book, allowing you to decide for yourself whether you want to add it to your TBR.  I saw the need for such a guide when talking to a co-worker one day, when she revealed that she can NOT read anything violent because it makes her physically ill.  I have other friends who have been victims of sexual assault and cannot read about sexual violence.  I have friends who both seek out and avoid literature on race and LGBTQ issues.  And, I personally roll my eyes every time I pick up a book whose author seems incapable of writing a sentence without a four-letter word.  I simply don’t like it.

I have guides for both adult and children’s books.  Here is an example of each:

Please note that the categories I have chosen are NOT commentary on whether I think an issue is good or bad– I truly believe that is for you to decide.  I simply tried to include categories that people might be sensitive to due to their own person beliefs or life experiences.  I hope this helps you find books that broaden your and your child’s horizons and avoid books that you don’t want on your bookshelf.  Happy reading, everyone!

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