As we look ahead to our first discussion, I wanted to lay out my vision for this blog.  If you have read my “About” section, you will have learned that I have two children, ages nine and six.  My third-grade daughter is an avid reader who serves as my resident mini-me.  She gushes about books, and her idea of a fun weekend is going to a local park and reading together.  In fact, she is the one that motivated me to start this blog when she asked me if she, my husband, and I could start our own book club.  Really, what parent can say no to that?

In addition to my daughter, I have a son in first grade.  My son is 1000% stereotypical boy– very active, loud, and beautifully silly.  His ideal weekend consists of going to a trampoline park or being active in some other way.  When it comes to reading, he LOVES to be read to, but tends to be more reluctant to read himself.  He’s a perfectionist that wants to be good at whatever he is doing, so we’ve struggled with getting him to get in his required reading time for school because he THINKS he’s not good at reading (he’s actually pretty good for his age!).  I will likely write a future blog post on the “Reading Road” I created for him and how it completely changed his reluctant reading.

As I move forward with these Book Notes, I plan to discuss books that match BOTH children’s reading and interest levels.  We’ll of course be discussing middle-grade and maybe even a few young adult books.  But, I also plan on creating some emerging reader discussions for kids my son’s age– easy readers and very early chapter books.  Despite the reading level, all of these book notes can be read independently, or you can read them out loud together and then discuss.  I will include a book preview before each discussion that lists the pages, synopsis, the supposed interest level of the book, and the Accelerated Reader (AR) level.  Please take AR with a grain of salt.  It’s okay if your child reads books that are above or below his or her AR level!  If you think the book is WAY too hard for your child, then I recommend reading it together.  There is a ton of research detailing the benefits of reading aloud to older children.

I hope you’re as ready to start as we are!  Happy reading, everyone!


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