“Tank and Tilly” is a sweet book about an elephant and a military tank that forge an unusual friendship.  Upon meeting, Tilly, the elephant, thinks the tank is a green elephant.  The tank, meanwhile, thinks Tilly is a blue enemy tank.  When Tilly approaches to say “hi” to the tank, the tank shoots at Tilly, sending her running.  Tilly tries again, but the tank responds by firing again.  Tilly, not willing to give up, sees flowers and decides to give them to the tank.  The tank fires a third time, but notices that Tilly was trying to give him a flower.  He then seeks out a very scared Tilly and gives her a bouquet of flowers, starting a beautiful friendship.

I love the message of persistence in this book.  Even when the tank scared Tilly away, Tilly continued to try to make peace.  She persisted until she was able to find a way to show the tank that she was a friend, not an enemy.  I also like the message about befriending people different from you.  I am constantly telling my kids to befriend the kid that others won’t– the child who acts a little weird, wears different clothes, ect. These friendships may mean the WORLD to that child.  The more books we can read to reenforce this message, the better!

I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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