Chapters 21- 30 Book Discussion Notes

  • Haley Daley got stuck trying to crawl out the book drop.  When she stood on the book-sorting conveyor belt to reach the book drop (which she planned to climb out), the conveyor belt started moving.  If you were on Kyle’s team, would you help her?  Why or why not?
  • Why did Haley pretend to be a “ditzy princess?”
    • Possible answers:  From page 109:  “With certain people, mainly grown-ups and silly boys, pretending to be a ditzy princess made getting what she wanted a whole lot easier.”  Haley had learned how to manipulate the people around her to get what she wanted.  Also, if she acted dumb during Mr. Lemoncello’s game, her competitors would likely not view her as a threat, leaving Haley to gather more information and get further in the game then she would otherwise. 
  • Haley came across as self-absorbed and only wanting to win the game to become famous.  Why did she REALLY want to win the competition?
    • Possible Answers:  Haley’s dad had been out-of-work for nearly a year. Her family was out of money, including the money they had saved in the bank, and they were currently borrowing money from relatives.  If Haley won the competition, “her family’s money woes would be over and they wouldn’t have to sell their home.”  (Page 110)  She also hoped that this spokesperson job would lead to other commercials, assuring her family’s financial future.
  • Do you think having book knowledge, like Sierra, or having lots of experience playing Mr. Lemoncello’s games, like Kyle, is more beneficial in the Library Escape?
  • Andrew Peckleman got very upset that he couldn’t figure out how to break out of the vault and went to confront Miguel, causing a hologram of an Egyptian pharaoh to run him out of the Arts & Artifacts Room.  What did Andrew’s anger cost him?
    • Possible Answers:  Andrew was so frustrated that he wasted his lifeline to accuse Mr. Lemoncello of favoring Miguel.  Since those lifelines can provide valuable information, it was a costly thing to waste.
  • Does there appear to be one right way out of the library?
    • Possible Answers:  No.  It appears as though their are many possible ways to solve the puzzle.  This is much like life– there are many different ways to solve problems, and different methods can get you the same result.
  • Why did Charles recruit Andrew for his team?
    • Possible Answers:  He knew Andrew had great knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System.  Also, he was beginning to realize that Kyle’s team together could probably beat him faster than if he worked alone. However, just like he kept his $500 game gift card all to himself, Charles didn’t have any intention of sharing THIS prize with anyone, either.  
  • How was Kyle’s team able to solve the picture riddle in order to get the library cards?  Would they have been able to do it if they weren’t on a team?
    • Possible Answers:  They each took a line of the riddle.  If they would have been working alone, they probably wouldn’t have had time to solve the puzzle.
  • Do you have any theories about what Charles’ Teams’ picture puzzle says?  What about the meaning of the library cards?

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