mr lemoncellos libraryHello, faithful readers!  I feel like I have some explaining to do.  I have fallen off the grid. Hard.  For this, I apologize.  We all have seasons of our life that are wonderful and fantastic, and others that are awful and scary.  I am going through both right now.  My family is moving cross-country next month.  We are in the process of buying a new house and (so far unsuccessfully) selling our old one.  We chose to homeschool our children next year, so I have been researching curriculum and preparing for that.  On top of all of those exciting life changes, my sister and my father are having brain surgery soon.  My sister’s will hopefully cure severe migraines.  My father’s will hopefully aid some of his symptoms from Parkinson’s Disease.  While there are a lot of good times to be had at the moment, there’s also some worrisome, potentially life-altering ones.  Thank you for sticking with me through this season of change.

Due to my extreme tardiness in publishing the remaining book notes on “Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library,” I have decided to post discussion questions from Chapters 31 through the end (Chapter 56).  I will be announcing one more book that we will be reading before taking a small break for our cross-country move.  Without further ado….

Discussion Questions for Chapters 31 – 56

  •  Do you think it was right of Haley to keep the “Bandit” clue to herself?  
  • What are the differences between Kyle’s team and Charles’s Team?
    • Possible Answers:  Kyle’s team works together.  Charles’ team may work “together,” but you get the since that they are really in it for themselves.  Kyle’s  team trusts each other.  Charles’ team all seem to distrust each other.  Kyle is an uplifting leader.  Charles puts down his teammates.  Kyle’s team tries to follow the rules.  Charles urges his team to win at all costs, even if it breaks the rules.
  • How did Andrew steal Sierra’s library card?
    • Possible answer:  He noticed that Sierra was reading “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.”  Knowing that Sierra used her library card as a bookmark, Andrew asked if he could see the book.  While he was flipping through it, he secretly replaced her library card with his own.
  • During the extreme challenge, Kyle had to dodge heavy, sliding bookcases.  He notes that if he was in the wrong place when the bookcase moved, “he’d be flattened like a pancake under a steamroller.”  Mr. Lemoncello promised at the beginning of the competition that they would be monitoring the game to make sure no one got hurt.  Why do you think he allowed Kyle to jump in front of the bookcases?
    • Possible answers:  The book doesn’t explicitly say why Mr. Lemoncello allowed Kyle to do this dangerous challenge.  Encourage your child to speculate.  Maybe there was an emergency switch to the bookcases?  Maybe Mr. Lemoncello knew the bookcases would’t reach Kyle?  Maybe the bookcases were truly dangerous, but Mr. Lemoncello let the children put himself into danger anyway?  
  • Do you think Charles Chitington should have been disqualified for telling Andrew to steal the library card, even if Andrew was the one that ultimately chose to steal it?  Should we get in trouble for convincing someone to do something wrong, even though WE didn’t technically do the wrong thing ourself?
  • How do you feel Sierra felt when she climbed out of the tunnel and no one was there to cheer for her?  If it were you, would you want your friends and family there?
    • Possible answers:  The author didn’t state how Sierra felt.  Just like at the beginning of the book when she went alone to the party, we can only speculate how Sierra felt.  We also don’t know her family situation.  While it might be true that her family situation is bad, there could be a simple reason as to why her family didn’t come.  Encourage your kids to think through some of those scenarios (Mom was working, younger siblings at home with no one to babysit there, ect.) and see if it changes their opinion on how Sierra would feel.  
  • What did you think of the book?  Did you like it or dislike it?  Why?
  • What characters did you like?  What characters did you dislike?
  • Did you solve the puzzle before the end of the book?  Or, did you catch on to any of the clues about the bank robbery?
  • Did you solve the puzzle at the end?
    • For parents:  There is a puzzle at the end of the book that you can solve by taking the first letter from the start of each chapter.  The puzzle reads:  “Those who knew where to look have now solved every puzzle in the book”  The picture puzzle reads:  “Write down the first letter of each chapter.  See what it says.”

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