Do you have a child who longs to be in a book club?  Do you want to work on your child’s reading comprehension?  Do you want an excuse to read amazing middle-grade books?

No matter your reason, Novel Parents is here to help!  Below you will find the Master List of books we have discussed.  I’m just getting started, so check back often as we continue to add new books!

Starting in Summer 2018, the books selected for discussion are the independent readers for our children’s homeschool curriculum, Sonlight.  These are regular books that just HAPPEN to be included in a homeschool curriculum, so you can use them in a parent/child book club just as you did before (in other words, you do NOT have to be a homeschooler or Sonlight user!).  If you do happen to be a Sonlight user, I will be adding additional discussion questions from what you will find in the Instructor’s Guide.  I may not always read the IG before posting, so please forgive me if I repeat a question (or a variation of a question) that is in the IG).

Master List of Books (in Alphabetical Order)